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Embracing our platform’s simplicity, you can seamlessly integrate with it in just two steps.

Step 1: Upon receiving your invitation,  log in to our platform using the provided credentials.

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Step 2: To complete the Recapp process, you will import your customer and invoice data through a CSV file as a vendor. Afterward, an invitation will be automatically prepared and sent by Recapp, which will contain a direct link to the customer’s profile. Once your customers have received their invitation, they must confirm their acceptance to have access and fully use the service platform.

Once the customer receives access, they can fill out their profile and start inputting the status of each invoice, such as disputes, acceptances, approvals, payment dates, settlements, proposals, or petitions.

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Finally, the vendor and the customer will try to solve the problems reported by another party, and Recapp will notify them about any changes made.

You will be able to see an Account Receivables Reconciliation (*).

(*) Reconciliation is the process of comparing recorded transactions in the vendor’s general ledger to detailed unpaid customer bills.

Certification Recapp March 2024

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