The simple platform to reconcile, accept, and approve your receivables.​


  • Customers can, online, report the status of invoices to their supplier.
  • It allows you to reconcile account receivables as often as you want.
  • Identify payment barriers by customers, such as:
    • Broken processes,
    • Outdated Policies,
    • Breach of rules and procedures.

  • Minimizes the risks of default by detecting problems in the chain of customer charges.
  • It allows to identify directly and independently, from the client, the incoming cash flow of the company.
  • Available to all budgets.
  • Available to all types of companies.

The process is as follows


To achieve the whole process, You as a Vendor will import data of your customers and invoices through a CSV file (see below for details) into
An invitation will be prepared automatically, and send by, and will contain a link to the profile of the customer.
Once your customers received such invitation, they must confirm their acceptance in order to use the Service, fill out their profile and start inputting into Recapp, the status of each invoice such as disputes, acceptances, approvals and/or payment date, even any settlement, proposal or petition.
At the same time, both will do their best effort and try to solve any problem reported by another party, and inform about any changes, solutions or decisions regarding the requirements made, to avoid any delay in payments from your customer.

CVS File Columns

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Document Type (example: Invoice, CM, DM)
  • Document Number
  • Issue Date (mm/dd/yy)
  • Due Date (mm/dd/yy)
  • Amount
  • Balance


  • Major ERPs allow downloads to a customized Excel format
  • Additionally you can manually complete this Excel template
  • Check the Excel file, avoid any symbols other than letters, numbers, and email format
  • If you add header to your CSV file, it will be skipped from processing
  • From Excel you can export your file to a CSV format. CSV Format includes double quotes if commas are presented in columns. Example: 1111, “Company, Inc.”,, 22222, IN, 12/31/2020, 12/31/2020, 1000, 1000


Vendor and / or Customer Mode

FREE Subscription

What do you get?

Ideal for
Balance Certification or  confirmation.

Vendor - Advance Mode


Subscription US$200

What do you get?

Ideal for
Reconcile and Receivables Management.

ABOUT US (Receivables Approval Networks, LLC), through its platform, supports commercial relations B2B & B2C, allowing them to identify -in an early and non-invasive way- all disputes, discrepancies, and/or barriers that may impact the collection process of companies. At the same time, RecApp creates an independent and impartial channel of communications for the benefit of all parties involved, avoiding the utmost expression of a client’s dissatisfaction, when thinking and acting under the argument 

“… and now, I won´t pay!!!”.

Frequently asked questions

    Recapp is a network for those who have existing commercial relationships client/vendor. Hence, we only keep clients who have already performed business transactions.
    • There is a limited-time, launch offer of a $200-subscription. Such subscription includes the first reconcile report for free, along with detailed information or status about each invoice uploaded and updated by Customer.
    • Once the download from your accounting system of choice to excel is complete, the fields needed for every invoice are shown on the How It Works page. For further step by step instructions, you may visit YouTube videos on how to create the CSV file.
    For those who are not part of the network, you may contact us through the Contact Us page. If you are part of the Recapp network, use the support link on the Member’s menu.
    • Recapp’s subscription is subject to our own terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy. You pay for what you consume.
        • No, Recapp is an Information exchange platform.


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